Six Ideas for Enjoying Social Isolation

Six Ideas for Enjoying Social Isolation | Aged Care Weekly

If you’re in social isolation, you’re not alone.

Let’s face it: things have changed for a while. Hand sanitiser (ahem, ‘sanny’) is now part of home décor around the world. Coughing is frowned upon. No-one blesses anyone when they sneeze.

No-one. (Bless you)

And we’re all looking for ways to enjoy the extra time inside. Here is a list of things to do, whether you’re at home or in residential aged care.

Embroidering face masks is not on the list, although I hear the results can be uplifting.

New Exercise Options

Aged Care provider Guide Healthcare has just launched Get Up Guide, a fitness program designed for aged care homes in lockdown. Get Up Guide sets simple exercises for carers to teach residents each day, and a live Zoom workout for residents to connect all over Australia.

Several Australian aged care residences have implemented the program and joined in the first Zoom workout last Thursday.  

Physiotherapist Simon Kerrigan said Guide Healthcare hope to start a weekly challenge for residents to compete over social media.

“The whole idea was kind of prevent inactivity and prevent social isolation and to try and build a bit of community around it,” he said.

Ready to get started? Let your aged care residence know about the program.

Warrigal resident Gwen sets the score to beat for this week’s fitness challenge.

If you’re living at home, do the exercises you’re comfortable with. Definitely ask your doctor or exercise specialist for exercises appropriate to you. That might be stretching in the garden, or an online fitness class.

If you’re not into pilates, your aim might be to maintain mobility. For example, here are some exercises for balance.

Learn Something New

You might emerge from seclusion with a new language or hobby down pat. There are several online learning sites that offer free courses:

Udemy has hundreds of online courses. Just search your interests!
Coursera is another platform with quality courses.

Skillshare and Masterclass aren’t free, but you can learn from the best.

For language learning, Duolingo is free. Have a look here for more online language programs!

Daily Nature

Nature has long been known to benefit wellbeing. This is not the place to discuss the theory of biophilia or the wisdom of Henry David Thoreau, but you can explore those subjects yourself. If you have time, that is!

All things considered, even a few minutes in nature can be the freshen-up you need. So stick your head out the window in between online language classes. Look up at the sky – people say it’s bluer now that there’s less traffic. Breathe fresh air. How do you feel when you look at a plant?

Oh, dear. I couldn’t help myself. Here we go:

“Thank God, they cannot cut down the clouds!” – Henry David Thoreau

The World at Your Fingertips

Feel an itch for opera? What about watching an elite circus? You can do that and more.

This post from The Richardson lists some superb online options for armchair travel and access to the Arts, including:

  • Live opera and concert music from The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and New York’s Metropolitan Opera
  • An hour of Cirque du Soleil’s latest show
  • Virtual walking tours around the world
  • Virtual visits to museums, galleries, and zoos


Watch live opera and concert music online. Photo by Srikant Sahoo on Unsplash

Radio Star

Warm and personable hosts? Interesting interviews? Community comment? Radio is a great way to connect with people, and with music.

Of course, ABC Radio is one option. Community radio stations also make for quality listening and you can tune in from anywhere in the country.

For example, the Gold Coast’s 4CRB has regular talk-show programs. You can also ring in to request a song.

For local content, find your community radio station by searching your suburb in this online map.

Write a Novel

You could always write a novel. It’s quite a trend now.

Have a wonderful day, from the Aged Care Weekly writers.


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