10 of the Top Retirement Communities in Australia

10 of the Top Retirement Communities in Australia | Aged Care Weekly

When choosing a place to retire, it is advised to consider different factors before making a decision. Aged Care Weekly has weighed in different factors to give you the top 10 retirement locations in Australia. Look at our compilation, and you may check if your desired one has made it to our list. 

Where is the best place to retire in Australia?

The best places to retire in Australia depend on your needs. But to give you some ideas, here are some recommended places in the country. Check out the list below:

1. Hobart, Tasmania

Compared to Melbourne, Hobart is a well-loved retirement village despite its cold climate. It is affordable, and the city features majestic scenery like Mt. Wellington and picturesque waterways like the Derwent River. There is more to it than the restaurants and cafés. You can hop into its rich culture and arts. 

2. Coolangatta, Queensland/Tweed Heads, New South Wales 

Coolangatta has a friendly and relaxed vibe. With the nearby airport, it is easily accessible to all points of Australia. Its leisure centres, including shopping and entertainment, will surely excite the elderly. The Twin Towns Club is highly popular among retirees from the border of Queensland and New South Wales with the state’s affordable entertainment, dining, live bands for dancing and stunning views of the Tweed River.

3. Hunter Valley, New South Wales

The Hunter Valley is one of the major wine cultivating areas in Australia located about 120km north of NSW’s capital city. The region has attracted retirees with its stunning golf courses and rich wine and gourmet food scene, although house prices steadily get costly due to its proximity to Sidney. 

4. Sunshine Coast, Queensland 

Sunshine Coast has fair weather, beautiful beaches, a relaxed vibe. It’s slightly more tranquil than the Gold Coast in Queensland.

Located north of Brisbane, the sixth-largest city in Australia offers a wide variety of housing in Sunshine Coast with mansions ranging from AUD 500,000 to as high as a multimillion-dollar. 

5. Merimbula, New South Wales

The peaceful coastline from Milton to Merimbula is popular for holidaymakers. It has also attracted many people who want a relaxed and quiet retirement place. This small coastal area is perfect for active seniors as it is nestled on its pristine uncrowded beaches, sapphire blue waters, and rugged bushland. Meanwhile, Merimbula’s community ensures a relaxing retirement living ahead as it warmly welcomes visitors.

6. Perth, WA

Perth offers some of the most welcoming beaches and dreamy scenery in Western Australia, with its slower life pacing making it a top choice to retire. After a lengthy downturn, its property market is still recovering, so prices are less costly than in other capital cities in Australia. Compared to the median property value in Sydney at AUD 882,849, Perth’s only at AUD 445,614. This attracts more retirees to Margaret River’s wine region and different national parks.

7. Huon Valley, Tasmania

People are finding Tasmania’s Huon Valley a retirement haven with its strong community vibe, affordable housing, and various sites to explore. Despite the cooler climate, the valley is an attractive destination to retire with all its open spaces, natural beauty, and serenity of the place.

8.  Byron Bay, New South Wales

Located in the northern region of NSW, Byron Bay is often called “the Grey Coast.” It received 83.1 per cent capital gains over the last five years. Although the median house price was AUD 1.5 million, it is still relatively cheaper than in Sydney and Melbourne.  

9. Gold Coast, Queensland

Like Byron Bay, Miami’s median price of AUD 722,570 is still relatively affordable than the house prices in Melbourne or Sydney. Nevertheless, Gold Coast is a popular village among many people who love boating, fishing, walking on the beach, and plenty of cultural activities year-round as there are about 245 days of fine and sunny weather on average. 

10. Esperance, Western Australia

Esperance’s stunningly white beaches and unspoiled coastline, paired with a warm, friendly village make it a perfect spot to build a retirement home. Located on the south coast of Western Australia, Esperance is indeed a natural gem.

Meanwhile, Esperance can be the most affordable place to retire in Australia as you can get a house for a median price of only AUD 370,000 or around AUD 267,000 for units. This local coastal town could be a perfect village for your home.

Important Factors for Choosing a Retirement Location

While Business Insider’s list named Portugal as the 2020 best place to retire in the world, Australia also offers top places to retire. Aside from a good climate, residents consider various factors: low cost of living, accessibility to facilities including transportation, support system, healthcare medical, as well as leisure when choosing one place to retire.

  • Accessibility 

It is important for retirees living in a community with easy access to transportation, healthcare, and facilities, including restaurants, entertainment options, and shopping venues. Some senior residents also consider the “walkability” of the area.

  • Cost of living  

Since most seniors are relying on a fixed monthly income, living expenditures are highly vital. Consider social security benefits, state taxes, property taxes, potential pension, and investment account distributions.

  • Access to care 

The elderly residents consider accessibility to caregivers and healthcare facilities a must. This includes caregivers, friends, and family members who can assist them with long-term care services and needs.

  • Support system

Retirees need a support system to prevent the negative impacts of loneliness. They need a strong social network in their retirement place. Either they choose a village with nearby family or friends or one with a friendly neighbourhood to find potential new connections and share stories with.

  • Lifestyle 

A retirement destination will highly impact a senior’s daily life. Thus, a place where residents can conveniently access social areas is beneficial to their wellbeing. These include restaurants, shopping areas, parks, gym, library, entertainment, and learning areas.

These are just the ten top places to retire. There are certainly more good areas to find in Australia. Visit our website regularly as Aged Care Weekly provides helpful information on retirement.


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