9 Ideas You Can Steal to Live in the Best Luxury Retirement Homes

9 Ideas You Can Steal to Live in the Best Luxury Retirement Homes | Aged Care Weekly

Spend your golden years in luxurious retirement communities for the best retirement lifestyle! 

Can you still remember your dreams while planning your retirement? Most people daydreamed about living in plushy retirement communities. 

Luckily, for those who want to retire in luxury, the market offers options that may suit your requirements and personality. If you’re one of these retirees, then read on to discover how to live in a place where finer things can be enjoyed every day.

What to Look For in Luxury Retirement Communities

To make the best decision, take a look at these factors to get a place that turns your retirement dreams into reality. With these tips, you can enjoy dining in a fancy restaurant, spend a day in a spa, and come home to a million-dollar lake-side apartment.

1. Check out the location of the village.

Choosing a prime location for available apartments is one of your top priorities. The village design should cater to your lifestyle preferences.

Rental Villages Retirement Living in Australia | Aged Care Weekly

Most retirees choose high-end retirement communities in waterfront locations and luxury villas with a room for interest-based activities. Some of the most popular luxury retirement areas are located in the Eastern Suburbs like New South Wales. Others choose between two areas, including Gold Coast and Adelaide. 

Aside from the stunning views and well-maintained gardens, a village or an apartment may offer state-of-the-art appliances, an indoor pool, and high-quality resort-like facilities. It’s not a surprise that apartments from these retirement communities range from $495,000 up to $3.4 million

2. Take note of nearby amenities.

Lifestyle comforts like gourmet dining, gym, massage room, and professional personal services should be within easy reach. If these amenities are close to retirement communities, going back and forth is neither stressful nor a waste of time. Fortunately, many new retirement facilities have one or two of these five-star resort-like indulgences within their community.

3. Find one community that encourages social connection.

Create social connections Happy Retirement | Aged Care Weekly

Maintaining an active social lifestyle is beneficial to holistic wellness. That is why it’s good to choose among retirement communities that offer opportunities for you to interact with other residents. 

It can come in social programs, such as book reading and sports. Or it can be common places, such as a library, club-house set beside the lake, or nature-park-style gardens.

4. Think about independent living arrangements. 

While having an active social life is important, being able to live independently is also crucial for your happiness. 

Thus, as you look for a retirement community, ask if you can create your schedule or arrange occasional trips outside the facility. 

The luxury retirement community should also have available transportation to help you go to doctor’s appointments, do your shopping, and other personal pursuits.

5. Look into personalized care plans.

Most new luxury retirement places have well-organised care plans for their residents.

Look into personalized care plans Luxury Retirement Homes | Aged Care Weekly

These million-dollar places employ on-site medical staff and health professionals who provide personalized care plans. They include personal trainers, dietitians, kinesiologists, among others

6. Check the technology in the community.

Nowadays, retirement homes feature modern security systems for the residents’ peace of mind. Aside from that, your home may also be equipped with ultramodern appliances, like a heated pool and a smart air conditioning system in your room. 

Some of them also have WiFi services in the gardens and throughout the facility, just like a five-star resort, so you can be connected to the internet anytime, anywhere. Moreover, several luxury retirement communities teach classes for social media and new chat lingo.   

7. Ask about intergenerational activities.

In a 2019 research study by Caroline Giraudeau and Nathalie Bailly, intergenerational programs provide mental stimulation for those in retirement living. This service also accounts for seniors having lesser falls and better memory test performance.

On the other hand, the youth interacting with those in retirement living is found to be 46% less likely to start using drugs compared to their peers. The youngsters also develop better communication skills and improve their problem-solving abilities. 

8. Look upon their activities. 

Look upon their activities Luxury Retirement Homes | Aged Care Weekly

Do you want an active lifestyle during your golden years? Then ask what kinds of services the luxury retirement home has. These can involve gardening, socio-civic organisations, community classes, and other things. Maybe the retirement facility also has specialised seniors’ programs that suit a leisurely paced lifestyle.

9. Think about shifting needs.

As you age, your needs and requirements may vary from time to time. Is your chosen facility flexible enough to meet your evolving mental, physical, and medical requirements? Many retirement communities have certain services to support your needs at any point of your life.

Are Retirement Villages A Good Idea?

Retirement villages are communities built to cater to the needs of older adults. They may have apartments with benefits that increase the quality of life for every resident. 

In Australia, a benchmark census conducted by a researcher, McCrindle Baynes, cites that most people living in a retirement village live happily. The most common factors they considered before moving are personal independence, safety and security, and emergency support. 

Get more value for your money while living your golden years to the fullest.

After working hard for your retirement, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Whether you want to live in apartments with a fancy garden or villages with modern furnishing, use the nine tips in making your decision. These will help you choose the right apartment close to the right amenities, including a shopping centre and other things available for seniors.

Do you need more assistance in preparing for your retirement? Read a wide range of tips and information in Aged Care Weekly. Our website offers the latest news, trending topics, and other insightful materials for retirement care in Australia. Subscribe to our newsletter today! 


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