Top 9 Things to Do in Retirement to Make Your Golden Years Come Alive

Top 9 Things to Do in Retirement to Make Your Golden Years Come Alive | Aged Care Weekly

Retirement is the perfect time to pursue your passion. Since you don’t have to deal with tight deadlines and the 9-5 schedule, you can freely do the activities you like. Isn’t it exciting? 

But along with the autonomy it offers, certain adjustments are in the corner along with some challenges. This is especially true for retirees who might like to have their calendars bustling with activities.

Now, whether you’re just planning for the future or recently retired, these ideas might keep boredom and loneliness at bay.

What are the best things to do in retirement?

The golden years present opportunities to start something new or experience the things you have always wanted to do. Here’s how to keep your retirement busy with these ideas.

1. Deal with Retirement Money Matters

Deal with Retirement Money Matters Things to Do in Retirement | Aged Care Weekly

People sometimes forget the adjustments involved in spending time and money. While making the most of your retirement, establish a budget plan to keep your finances in check. 

If you need assistance in financial matters, you can always get advice from an independent financial planner

2. Think of Retirement Careers

Even after you retire, there are still work opportunities in various industries. Many people take a part-time job, but some also go back to a full-time job. But remember that your age, working hours, and other factors can influence your superannuation payments. 

3. Enjoy Summer Camp

Think about the things related to your hobbies, and chances are, there is a camp for that. For instance, there may be camps for fishing, writing, or acting—the possibilities are endless. Plus you can travel and enjoy more sights along the way.

4. Grow A Garden

Grow A Garden Things to Do in Retirement | Aged Care Weekly

Gardening is something that’s not only limited to flowers but also growing vegetables. Aside from giving your home a beautiful yard, studies show that enjoying the outdoors in nice weather is great for your health. So it’s a good idea to dust off the gardening gloves and trowel and start growing some seeds or flowers. 

5. Write A Book

Do you have expertise in a specific industry or business? Can you turn your active imagination into a work of fiction? Whether you want to write stories or how-to guides, there’s no better chance to become a writer than in retirement.

6. Play An Instrument

Enrol in music centres or hire a personal trainer to help you out. Watching video tutorials on the internet might also help you learn how to play the instrument too. 

7. Spend Time with People You Love

Time may pass by in the blink of an eye. So why not create more moments with your children and grandchildren. You can read stories to the kids and create a travel plan with the older family members. There are numerous fun activities to try, and all you need is to pick one and enjoy it with them.

Are there also friends and social connections you lost in touch with? Give them a call or invite them over for dinner. 

8. Develop Your Spiritual Health 

Develop Your Spiritual Health Things to Do in Retirement | Aged Care Weekly

Start a habit to strengthen your spiritual wellness. You can do meditations, find simple yoga poses, or get more involved in your church activities. If you want, you can even share your techniques on how to improve one’s spiritual health to help people with theirs too.

9. Play Online Games

Challenge yourself and play online games against other people on the internet. Who knows, maybe you could also make new friends while playing chess or Scrabble online.

Discover the Best Activity through These Questions

Modern seniors think of retirement as a great phase in life to be more active—not with work, but for their interest. But with a lot of options, how could you choose the activity that suits your personality and taste? Consider these questions to assist in your plans. 

  • While imagining the perfect retirement, what do you see yourself doing for long-term plans?
  • If you were to look back in your life, is there anything that you regret not doing?
  • Check out the nine activities on this list, is there one or two that’s related to your hobbies?

What should you not do in retirement?

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Many retirees think that adjusting to a new lifestyle could take a while. That is why it is always good to find more activities and get active. But as you conquer the changes at this phase, you should also avoid the common pitfalls of retirement as you live the life you want.

1. Rush Into Downsizing Your Home

Regardless of the temptation of extra cash, think twice about selling your house as you retire. Moving to a new home and community may take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. The expenses may also not be worth it, especially if you have already paid off the mortgage.

2. Neglect a Budget Plan

Nothing is stopping you from living the good life, but it should not blow up your savings too. Since you’re on a fixed income, consider planning out your finances. If you think you may need money to follow your planned lifestyle, think about opening a business or teaching some classes to supplement your income.

3. Do the Same Things 

With a lot of free time in your hands, you may want to try the things you haven’t done before. For instance, you can find mentorship and volunteer opportunities to help young people.

Gift for those who love to cook Retirement Gift Ideas | Aged Care Weekly

If you haven’t explored the world yet, then become a traveller and travel to different places. You can also enrol in online classes, learn a hobby, or write a book.

Create a bucket list for your retirement

Even if you’re retired now, it doesn’t have to mean that your calendar has to be empty. Since you’re free from work engagements, make sure to engage in an interest that took a backseat before.

Need more help in preparing for your retirement? Explore Aged Care Weekly for practical tips, community update, and up-to-date news on how to live a senior life well spent in Australia.


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