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The National Mental Health Commission is pleased to release its sixth national report today – Monitoring Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Reform: National Report 2018.

The Report

The report considers the status of Australia’s core national mental health and suicide prevention reforms, and their impact on the wellbeing of consumers and carers.

The National Report highlights progress in mental health reforms across Australia and key findings include:

  • The significant reforms currently underway across the mental health and disability sectors.
  • Recognition that that more work needs to be done, particularly to ensure access to services across the mental health system. However, we are pleased to see a strong culture of continuous improvement and collaboration around Australia.
  • The importance of prevention, early intervention and a focus on the social determinants of health to reduce the impact of mental illness.
  • The link between physical and mental health, the elimination of seclusion and restraint in mental health facilities and the delivery of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Key Reforms

The key reforms covered in the report, which the NMHC will continue to monitor and report on, are the NDIS, PHNs, physical health, the mental health workforce and the Fifth Plan.

This report is only one mechanism that the NMHC will be using to monitor and report on Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems. We will separately report on the progress of the implementation of the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. This report will be submitted to COAG on 12 October.

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