Simple solutions supporting those living with arthritis

Simple solutions supporting those living with arthritis | Aged Care Weekly

Celebrating World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is on 12 October every year to remind us of the burden that arthritis has on the daily lives of those who suffer from its many variations.

Almost four million or about 1 in 6 Australians have a form of arthritis ( that complicates how they live their lives every day.

Treatments vary depending on disease type and severity, but medication to relieve pain is the most commonly used and sought.

However, there are many barriers to medication adherence and one that is often overlooked is the ability of the patient to easily open medication packaging.

Many people who take multiple medications, such as those with arthritis, often use medication management tools such as a Webster-pak® to help them adhere to their regimens. But if the user has arthritis, they may find the packaging difficult to open. It can compromise their regular access to pain-relieving medication.

Founder of Webstercare and the inventor of the Webster-pak, Gerard Stevens AM understood these challenges when he invented two devices specifically to help people with dexterity issues such as people with arthritis.

Image of pills in package
Medication requires secure and safe storage so the materials used to perfectly seal them into blister packs needs to be of high and robust quality,” he said.

“The concertina blister range was invented specifically to help users easily remove tablets” mentioned Stevens.

“Now all Webstercare medication adherence tools such as the Webster-pak are easier to open because of this innovation,” he said.

“When I first conceived the idea of the Pil-Bob, its first iteration was just a piece of PVC pipe with a base and plastic serrated tongue attached. I gave it to my late mother, who was using a Webster-pak, and asked her what she thought it was for.

“Without prompting, she punctured the blister with the serrated tongue, wiggled it and let the pills drop into the cup. For me it was the perfect demonstration of proof of concept and we went full steam ahead to manufacture the Pil-Bob. It’s now used around the world,” he said.

To learn more about the Pil-Bob invention and other Webstercare medication adherence systems, visit –


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