Senior Shopping Guide In Camberwell Area

Burke Road offers a lot of shops for senior shopping


Elderly Australian citizens need not stray far because the best places for senior shopping are right in Camberwell. The suburb definitely offers an exciting mix of hospitality, retail, and other lifestyle services.

Top 10 Spots for Senior Shopping In Camberwell

Shopaholic seniors who would love to enjoy independent living will surely delight when they choose Camberwell as their retirement haven. There are lots of assisted living homes in the area that allow seniors to experience shopping galore.

A lot of elders consider aged care homes in Camberwell because of their close proximity to shopping centres. Here are the top 10 spots for senior shopping in the area for those who might be interested to know.

1. Camberwell Shopping Precinct

The Camberwell Shopping Precinct has, almost overwhelmingly, around 400 shops to choose from! In particular, the main strip along Burke Road is worth exploring. It constitutes stalls of big brands and unique finds. Plus, there are a wide array of dining and entertainment establishments that the seniors can take a side trip to. This means that besides shopping, they can also indulge in good food and fun shows. There are also cinemas, produce and flea markets, supermarkets, and more. The area also has more than 3,000 parking spaces for convenience. Likewise, public transportation is extensive.

Seniors require special care when shopping.

2. Rotary’s Camberwell Sunday Market

This is another famous go-to place for everyone who wants to take home fresh produce, second-hand vintage, and more. It operates every Sunday and one or two acts will also entertain the crowd. However, the number of shoppers can be quite big. This means that extra guidance is needed when taking seniors here.

3. Burwood Village

For those who think Burke Road strip and Camberwell Sunday Market are too much, they must try Burwood Village. Seniors will absolutely have fun browsing the stores in here. In fact, the village is large enough to keep them coming back for months. There are gift boutiques, supermarkets, cafes, clothing stalls, baking supplies, and more. No wonder the place is garnering increasing mentions lately.

Walk Score and Senior Shopping

Seniors require special care when shopping. One reason is that each has a different level of mobility. Because of this, it is essential that aged care homes consider the walk score before taking them to shopping areas.

Now, what is this walk score all about?

Those who heard the term for the first time may have an entirely different theory! In fact, it should be one of the factors that senior carers know prior to choosing a nursing home. This applies not only to seniors who love shopping but for others who are looking for critical community facilities too. These include hospitals, churches, public transportation, and more.

The walk score is a patented system that measures a specific place to nearby locations. For example, one aged care home can have a higher walk score than another when it comes to shopping.  The distance to particular locations is the basis of the score. For shopping centres, the walk score is specifically called “shopping score“.

The scoring system is as follows:

  • 90-100     Shoppers’ Paradise (shoppers don’t need a car to reach the place)
  • 70-89       Very Shop-able (you can simply walk to get to most shopping stalls )
  • 50-69       Somewhat Shop-able (buyers can travel to some shopping areas by foot )
  • 25-49       Car-Dependent (obviously, some of the shopping spaces require a car)
  • 0-24         Car-Dependent (almost all the shopping places require a car)

Aged Care Homes and Senior Shopping

Aged care homes usually include senior shopping in their lifestyle itinerary. This is because they understand the elderly’s need to go out and get something for themselves. After all, activities like these draw their attention away from feelings of homesickness and loneliness. Carers who’ve got senior relatives who love to shop must inquire about the nursing home’s set-up for senior shopping.


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