Life in Transition: Retirement Living in Australia

Life in Transition: Retirement Living in Australia | Aged Care Weekly

After years of struggling to find the perfect work-life balance, you deserve to finally reap your hard work’s worth with a graceful retreat.

Transitioning to a fun-filled lifestyle for aged seniors should not be difficult with the right decisions about your retirement. This includes securing your finances, finding both medical and home care providers, and choosing the right home to support your aged care needs.

If you are in search of a stress-free guide on everything you need to know about retirement living for you or your loved one, this article will help you kickstart that journey! 

What is retirement living in Australia? 

As you age, your aged care needs should be on top of your priority lists like easy access to medical services and age-friendly facilities that can provide your needs.

The first step may be to move from your family home and search for a new community to live in. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as of 2019, around 200,000 retirees are living in a retirement village.

These homes aim to provide a safe abode to the retirees through care and support services available for the residents.

Types of retirement living accommodations

There are several types of retirement living options that you can choose from, depending on the lifestyle you want to achieve.

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1. Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are the most popular among the retirement living categories because of their high value for the community. It usually comprises apartments placed in a single private unit.

A retirement village is suitable for retirement living because of its convenient aged care and home care services. Moreover, these villages are designed for long-time stays at a budget-friendly rate.

Retirement villages usually require an ingoing contribution and are contracted for departure fees once you decide to leave the property. As of today, there are over 2,000+ retirement villages in Australia open for new residents.

2. Co-Located Villages

An easy-living retirement must provide you with the utmost care, especially in terms of health and sanitation. One feasible option that is easy to search for is a co-located village.

Structured with an attached nursing home nearby, this is best suitable for seniors who do not need 24-hour medical care but might search for medical assistance as they grow older.

This home type helps aged couples live close to each other even if special care from the aged care homes is needed by their partner.

3. Home Care Villages

If you are in search of a new home that allows independent living and offers a wide range of aged care service, this could be your top pick among this list of living options.

Older man sits on a chair with his dog on his lap, talking to a staff member who is leaning against the verandah railing.

Labour-intensive assistance, like home care, transportation, and government care package deliveries are available, but this type of living is more expensive from charges induced by aged care homes.

4. Land-lease communities

Also called release property, this living option offers an affordable housing option for retirees.

This new home concept can give you an upmarket home while leasing its land. It also allows you to keep 100% of the sales in case you decide to downsize after a few years.

They also usually include recreational areas like swimming pools and sports facilities, perfect for retiree activities.

5. Rental Villages

These villages are gated communities where you rent your own unit on a weekly basis. It allows you to move independently with possible inclusive meal options.

Rental Villages Retirement Living in Australia | Aged Care Weekly

If you feel like extra health or home care are unnecessary, this is a good option for its low-maintenance environment.

6. Serviced Apartments

If you want to take a step further from an average rental village, you might want to search for this option.

These units are fully-furnished studio units designed for single elderly occupants. On-call cleaners and health care staff are nearby and can assist you anytime.

Why should you consider retirement living?

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Living up to an unfamiliar routine may be difficult. However, aged care assistance might ease this transition for the following reasons:

  1. Age-friendly environment: From stairless home structures, age-friendly activities and like-minded neighbours, these communities promote inclusivity.
  2. Better social relationships: If you want to step up your socialisation skills even as a retiree, your like-minded neighbours are just nearby.
  3. Ensured safety and security: To ensure a safe stay, staff and assistants will be with you every step of the way.

As you take the step to retirement living, choose the best living condition that will help you fully enjoy the off-work lifestyle. It is beneficial to search for a safe and caring community to help you take care of your needs right away.

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