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Review the standard content guidelines for a smoother press release posting.

A press release boosts brand exposure to your intended audience. Along with creative content, you can incorporate an actionable call-to-action copy that leads to your goals. 

We’re here to help accomplish your marketing objectives through a press release. 

Content Guidelines for Press Releases

To assist in maintaining the platform’s content standard, our editorial staff will review all submitted press releases before distribution. Upon going through the process, the team also has the right to refuse any content that breaches the content guidelines. 

Standard Submission Guidelines

  • Industry-Related News
    • Press releases submitted to Aged Care Weekly should contain newsworthy  industry-related content, such as aged care, retirement, and other industry news.
  • News Relevance
    • News announcements must be relevant and timely, which is clearly stated in the headline. Newsworthy content angles include the following:
      • Launch of new product, website, or business location 
      • Notice of newly hired executives and other relevant personnel changes
      • Announcement of industry events, such as conferences and seminars
      • News of awards and recognition earned by the business
      • News of partnership with another organisation or company
  • Standard Content Length
    • On average, the standard word count of a press release should be between 250 to 600 words.

Technical Press Release Guidelines

  • News Source Information
    • Cite the source of the news to inform the readers about the organisation or company releasing it. You may incorporate it in your headline, summary, or at the lead paragraph.
  • Direct Media Contact Information
    • Place a valid contact information, like an email address and name of direct media contact. If necessary, you may also include a phone number. 
  • Content Objectivity
    • Maintain an objective tone in your content. Avoid hype flags, such as exclamation points, misleading product or service claims, or the use of bold or upper-case formatting to put emphasis on words. Moreover, do not use the first-person perspective in writing except in direct quotations from company representatives. 
  • Content Quality
    • Follow rules on proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, abbreviations, acronyms, and capitalisation. The press release must also observe the proper spacing between sentences and paragraphs. 
  • Information Accuracy 
    • Ensure that all information in the press release is legally and truthfully accurate.
  • Active Hyperlinks
    • Make sure that all links in the content are active. For special cases, such as a temporarily inactive link upon publication, please send proper notice to our editorial team.
  • Authorisation Document
    • Submit an authorisation document for news related to major company mergers and acquisitions or affiliated third parties, among others.

Content Incompatible with Aged Care Weekly

The editorial team has the right to refuse, put on hold, or require edits to press releases that include but not limited to the following contents.

  • Non-Industry-Related Content
    • Sexually explicit topics or subject
    • Information about payday loans
    • Brand names of prescription and over-the-counter drugs
    • Direct address of pharmaceutical companies unless deemed necessary by the team
    • Stock recommendations and reviews
  • Direct Advertising
    • Any black hat SEO strategies
    • Use of hype flags and other direct advertising format 
  • Invalid Information
    • Unauthorised use of stock ticker symbol by a third party
    • False information about the products and services or other details in the content
    • Claims without scientific research data and other relevant evidence
    • Words that trigger “spam,” including but not limited to the following words: free; make money easily; earn money easily
  • Hostile and Damaging Statements
    • Statements that may considered inflammatory, harmful, libelous, or hateful to a certain group or individual 
  • Illegal Products, Companies, or Activities
    • Company related to any illegal activity or products and services
    • Illegal products or services
    • Unlawful activities and events 
    • Materials with issues of copyright infringement, plagiarism, and duplication 
  • Pending Litigation
    • Any information about an open or pending lawsuit case

Content Pending Approval

The following contents and topics are pending in-depth review and approval of our editorial team. 

  • Content considered to be an affiliate marketing strategy
  • Claims related to money-making schemes should have substantial evidence for support
  • Mention of prescription drugs and names of pharmacies
  • Content that contains partnership, deals, acquisition, venture capital, and private equity needs authorisation and verification documents as deemed necessary
  • Content that is political in nature but written in an objective tone
  • Content related to gambling
  • Content related to video streaming websites should be accompanied with an authorisation document

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Important Notice

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