Nominations for IPC leads – update


Thank you to the 80% of residential aged care facilities who have nominated a member of their nursing staff to complete specialist training and become an infection prevention and control (IPC) lead.

More than three quarters of IPC leads have already enrolled in or commenced the specialist training.

Providers who are yet to do so, must nominate their IPC lead as a matter of priority.

We also remind providers that 31 December 2020 is the reporting deadline to:

  • Nominate an IPC lead for NATSIFAC residential aged care facilities
  • Enrol the IPC lead in specialist training for all residential aged care facilities
  • Report updated information to the department using the My Aged Care Provider Portal, or for NATSIFAC, by completing and emailing the reporting form to

The program is critical to safeguarding the health of both residents and workers in residential aged care.

For further information on IPC leads visit the department’s website.

Department of Health


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