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My Aged Care Explained | Aged Care Weekly

If you are looking for information about My Aged Care, you may not know where to begin. The Australian government has set up a website and phone line for just this purpose. This does not mean you will lose your independence. In fact, it may just mean you need some assistance in keeping it. All you need is information and to know what is available.

If you have access to a computer, the website address is If however you prefer to speak with someone, their telephone number is 1800 200 422. You will discover there are services available to you. What you need to know is which services you are eligible to receive. They will depend on your needs and your situation.

Perhaps you need help getting dressed. Or maybe transport is your problem because you can no longer drive. Do you need some modifications made to your home, such as handrails or ramps? Are you struggling with your meals, or household cleaning or gardening?

Further assistance can be provided with nursing, Physiotherapy or other forms of medical aid. There is also equipment available, such as walking frames.

There is also the aspect of loneliness as people age. You may be finding it difficult to make new friends and get out and about more. In that case they can give you advice about social activities in your area. There are many clubs and social groups that cater to the elderly.

What type of help do you require?

If you have had a health setback, such as an illness or surgery, you might only be enquiring about short-term help. If on the other hand you have a carer, such as a family member, respite care may be what you require.

Are you enquiring about care in a residential aged care facility?

Residential aged care homes mean that you will be living in. If you are no longer able to take care of yourself the advantages are that help is available 24 hours a day. It will be your new home but you will be totally supported. Medical care, companionship, meals and activities Will be fully provided to you.

What to expect when you call 1800 200 422

Over the space of approximately 10 minutes, you will be asked certain questions. These are aimed at assessing your needs. Furthermore they will explain to you the care that can be arranged. Please be sure you have your Medicare card on hand, as you will need this for identification.

Perhaps you might prefer to have someone else make that call for you. If you are hard of hearing or a bit nervous that’s okay. Remember that they will need your consent. However, if you are calling on behalf of someone else, you will need their consent.

After this all important research or conversation, my aged care will possibly suggest a visit to your home by a trained assessor. This is in order to assess both your needs and your eligibility. Further to this visit, a support plan can be put into action. Of course you can choose to have someone else there to support and assist you.

How much will this support cost you?

Both my aged care and people known as service providers are able to provide cost information. Furthermore, the conversation will shed light on the subject of a financial assessment. This is how you will find out if you are eligible for financial assistance.

My aged care and the assessor they provide have information available to you. Such as finding service providers where you live. Once you know the types of care you are eligible for you can get some quotes. You will be able to choose the people you want to help you.

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