Mission Statement

The Aged Care Weekly (ACW) mission statement helps guide and define ACW. We publish a lot of content so it is helpful to have a reference point for our contributors to look to. Also, it helps guide the company as we grow to ensure we remain true to our values.

Ultimately the aged care industry is made up of people

  • like you
  • who need aged care services for themselves or their loved ones
  • may provide those aged care services day in, day out
  • desire access to information that is reliable, fair, balanced and honest

To those people, to you, we present our Mission Statement. If you think something is missing, or we are not living up to it, please let us know.

Aged Care Weekly (ACW)Mission Statement

  1. We seek out the truth
  2. We highlight concerns and matters of importance to the aged care sector
  3. We bridge the gap between aged care consumers and providers
  4. We inform, educate and enlighten on matters concerning aged care
  5. We strive to promote positive values towards the elderly and the industry that supports them