Minister announces Super Agency – Independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

The Minister for Aged Care, Hon Ken Wyatt. MP has today announced a brand-new ‘Super Agency’ (if you like). It’s being called The Independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and will be set up from 2018. The new commission will oversee all approval, accreditation, assessment, monitoring, complaints handling and more concerning the compliance of approved aged care providers.

Super Agency – Independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission

Effectively, the government is combining the functions of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency, Aged Care Complaints Commission and the aged care regulatory functions of the Department of Health into one ‘super agency’.

Slated to begin on 1 January 2019, these changes reflect the advice contained in the Carnell-Paterson review of failures at South Australia’s Oakden Older Person’s Mental Health Service. An independent Age Care Safety and Quality Commissioner will lead the commission and report directly to the Minister of Age Care.

Soon, the Department of Housing intends to establish a task force to implement this massive change. That department has also indicated they intend to strengthen risk profiles on providers and to provide more information to consumers about the quality of care being provided.

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