How to Choose a Walking Cane You Love

How to choose a cool walking cane for the elderly
How to choose a fabulous walking cane.

A walking cane should make life easier for you. It’s your partner in crime. So why not choose one you love?

Here’s a list of the most fabulous walking stick providers on the internet, so you can enjoy browsing the amazing designs.

Does a walking cane make you look old?

No! Walking canes do not have to make you look old.

Walking canes are not just for the elderly. People of various ages use walking canes for different reasons.


Plus, the right walking cane can reflect your personality and sense of style. It can be a point of conversation. Strangers might stop you on the street for photos.

When you see the list below, you’ll believe me.

A cane allows you to be more active, mobile and confident, so you might even appear younger with your cane than without it.

Image by Irenna on Pixabay

When do you need a walking stick?

There are other ways to improve your mobility, like exercise and a healthy diet, but sometimes a cane is necessary. It’s a great idea to get a cane if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • limping
  • dragging a foot
  • losing your balance
  • using furniture or other people to walk
  • walking with your back hunched

If you’re unsure, consult with your GP, osteopath or chiropractor. It’s a good idea to do so anyway to address the core issue behind your symptoms.

How to choose the right walking cane for you

It’s essential to have the right measurements for ideal posture and support. A walking stick should measure at your wrist height when you’re standing with your arms hanging by your side. That means your elbow will be slightly bent when you’re using the cane.

Image from GC-Artis canemakers

What walking cane handle is best for you?

There are several cane types to choose from, depending on your style and support needs.

  • The “Derby” handle is a popular grip designed for either hand.
  • The “Fritz” handle was designed to be easier to hold for people with arthritis.
  • Some canes have comfy carved or moulded hand grips.
  • “Offset” cane handles put the user’s weight directly over the cane, for more stability.
  • Quad canes have a sturdier base, for more stability.
  • Foldable canes let you carry them around when you’re not using them.

Here’s a list of fabulous walking sticks

Foldable walking sticks? Lightweight? Moulded grip? Glow-in-the dark? You name it, and you just might find it in one of the following websites.

Check out the accessories section of each website for rubber feet and other safety features, like writs straps.

Etsy: This online marketplace has lots of marvellous walking canes from different craftspeople/skilled makers. It’s an ideal place to find sturdy canes made by hand, but not if you need a cane with extra support like a quad cane. Simply type “cool walking canes” in the Etsy search bar and enjoy the results. Make sure you choose your correct cane length before you buy.

Neo Walk: If you like bright and fun, have a look at the canes at Neo Walk. All the canes have a round “Tourist” handle, in a fun variety of colours. There’s even a glow-in-the-dark range.

Fashionable Canes: These canes are just beautiful, ranging from ornate to whimsical to downright pretty. There are eight types of handles, as well as folding canes and supportive bases. You’ll even find canes with hidden flasks in the gadget canes section.

A bubbles-style cane from switch sticks

Switch Sticks (by Home Medical Products Australia): These are sturdy foldable canes with comfy Fritz handles. They come in a range of pleasing patterns or engraved designs, plus accessories. Have a look at the “seat sticks” – canes that open out into chairs!

GC-Artis: These luxury canes were too amazing to leave off the list. Each cane is made by master craftsmen, so they’re pricey but would make stunning gifts for yourself or others. Look elsewhere if you need a foldable, quad, or offset canes.

Walking Stick and Cane: Here is a vast range of gorgeous canes and accessories in unique styles. There’s also a fantastic selection of cane umbrellas and cane chairs. Just know there’s a shipping fee from the USA.

Whatever strikes your fancy, make sure it fits your support needs. Enjoy!


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