Free Webinar Series on Aged Care Innovation

InnovAGEING webinars on innovation in aged care

Throughout May, innovation network InnovAGEING is running its third series of free webinars that explore how aged care providers are solving problems.

InnovAGEING Principal Advisor Merlin Kong says aged care innovation is about “changing the logic of your business”.

“That covers everything, from using technologies that will essentially help your operations to be more efficient, to be more person-led, more person-centric, to changing the way your organisation operates at that organisational level,” Mr Kong said.

“In many cases, we look at innovation as one part technology and one part organisational change.”

“If you look at the webinar series that we put forth, it’s not all about technology, it’s also about organisation, it’s also about people and how you bring people along on that change process.”

Video games make exercise fun for aged care residents

The weekly webinars cover topics from marketing to virtual reality. Last week’s webinar featured Eventide Homes and Guide Healthcare on how video game technology can boost residents’ workouts.

Ms Sue Blakeyfrom Eventide Homes said staff and residents benefit from physio sessions and sporting events using Exagaming tech.

“We want residents to have physios that are fun,” Ms Blakey said.

“And these events and games, I’m sure it actually saves time for staff as well. And benefits the residents so much that we reduce the number of PCW staff and activities staff.

“We’re hoping all our PCW staff become lifestyle staff and do this type of thing.

“It’s just awesome to hear residents are having fun, they’re excited to participate, they love being in a team.”

“It definitely gives them a sense of belonging and connection. And I think it gives them friendship into the future.

“They love the celebrations that we have at the end. They love being rewarded with their medals and certificates. They brag about it for weeks. They may even wear them for weeks… They’re always asking when we’re doing the next one. That competitive edge is terrific between the residents.”

Exagaming is an aged care innovation that helps residents have fun when exercising

Innovation is key to aged care

Mr Kong said the next webinars would feature diverse topics.

“The next webinar that we have, we’re interviewing a few scale-up organisations or businesses that have been part of innovation for quite a while,” Mr Kong said.

“We’re exploring things like how is telehealth helping aged care facilities do things differently, to provide a better service? What’s the role of virtual reality in keeping elders active?

“How do we use blockchain to ensure a properly qualified workforce?”

“How do we have tech literacy programmes for elders in our community so that they can keep up with a lot of what’s going on (with providers)?”

Mr Kong said aged care innovation is about supporting better care.

“In the sector that we’re in where care is front and centre, innovation actually is about creating an organisation where people do the right thing when no one is watching. And any organisational or technological process that could support that is a good thing.”


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