Government Christmas Messages Praise Seniors and Aged Care Workforce

Christmas messages for seniors from Richard Colbeck and Prime Minister
Christmas messages for seniors from Richard Colbeck and Scott Morrison (Image Source Aged Care Guide)

This year’s Christmas messages from the Prime Minister and the Hon Richard Colbeck praised senior Australians and the aged care workforce for their resilience in 2020.

Scott Morrison’s message was all about thankfulness, with a special acknowledgment for seniors.

“It is the tradition of these messages to give a shout out to a group at Christmas who have done so much,” said Mr Morrison. “So I do want to thank and honour all our older Australians in aged care and their carers.

They have really endured a lot this year with visits limited and the loss of hugs and kisses and visits from the company of family. It’s been terribly hard.

This year we saw you draw on that well of strength that you have displayed over your entire lifetime. And in doing so, you kept others safe.”

The Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services devoted his message to the aged care workforce.

“On behalf of the Australian Government I would like to recognise the hard work, tireless commitment and unlimited compassion displayed by our aged care workforce this year,” said Mr Colbeck.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought heartache, struggle and grief to all Australians and particularly the aged care sector. However, you have shown a commitment to support our most vulnerable that should not be underestimated.”

Mr Colbeck acknowledged the importance of aged care workers to older Australians and promised “a stronger, more resilient aged care system that benefits both the workforce and our senior Australians.”

“Australians everywhere thank you for your sacrifice and professionalism in this challenging year.”


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