Dementia and Alzheimer’s-Friendly Cafes in Pakenham

Daddy & Co Cafe

A great way to spend time with a loved one with Dementia or Alzheimer’s is to enjoy coffee and cake at a dementia or Alzheimer’s friendly café! If your loved one resides in an aged care facility or nursing home in Pakenham, do you know where to get your ‘coffee and cake’ on?

“We hear time and again from our consumers that after a diagnosis of dementia, they often lose contact with friends or family members.” That’s a quote from Dementia Australia National CEO Carol Bennett. She was speaking in a recent article in Dementia Australia on Community Cafe Toolkit. “Usually this is because people don’t understand enough about dementia and no longer know how to relate to the person. This ‘shrinkage’ of their social circle can be immensely stressful at what is an already difficult time.”

What a person suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s needs, is regular friendly encounters with the same people. That’s because this will increase their sense of community and reduce their stress levels. That’s why we think that a dementia-friendly café with a warm, kind environment is the perfect place to spend time together.

There are several excellent, dementia-friendly café’s located in the vicinity of the primary aged care facilities and nursing homes in Pakenham. Central Pakenham provides us with dementia and Alzheimer’s-friendly café’s such as Vanille Bistro, Four Seasons Cafe and Daddy & Co.

What does a Dementia-friendly or Alzheimer’s-friendly café look like?

Easy accessibility 

A dementia-friendly or Alzheimer’s-friendly café needs to be easily accessible from several types of transport. Vanille Bistro, Four Seasons and Daddy & Co in Pakenham, are all located under 5 metres away from a 2hr car park, surrounded by bus stops and a 5 minute walk from Pakenham station

Another benefit of these well-located cafes is that they are all right next to or directly opposite a supermarket, flower store and chemist. Not only could you enjoy a cup of coffee together, you can get any necessary shopping completed within a few minutes.

“…people don’t understand enough about dementia and no longer know how to relate to the person. This ‘shrinkage’ of their social circle can be immensely stressful at what is an already difficult time.”

Comfortable and relaxing environment

What also makes these café’s aged care or dementia-friendly is their comfortable environment. For example, Four Seasons Cafe (in the Pakenham Plaza) has many tables which all have comfortable chairs with a lot of room, and clean, quality toilets inside (including a disabled toilet). Daddy & Co has a small but nice outdoor area to relax in the sun, and Vanille Bistro is large with a lot of space and very family friendly.

These cafes also play quiet, age appropriate music (usually easy listening), to increase comfortability and enjoyment. (There’s nothing like trying to have a conversation and having to shout like you’re at a nightclub!) This makes for a relaxing afternoon.

Friendly staff and atmosphere

As Carol Bennett pointed out, when a person is first diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, this can be a time of isolation. This means that a sense of community is vital. Four Seasons, Daddy & Co and Vanille Bistro all cultivate a strong sense of community and family. The staff are warm, friendly, learn your name and make you feel welcome. There is a relaxing, non-anxious atmosphere in all three places which along with the gentle music, makes you feel calm.

Sometimes a short friendly conversation over the counter might be just the pick-me-up your loved one needs, especially if they’re a people person.

Most importantly, the added bonus of visiting these dementia and Alzheimer’s friendly places is – delicious coffee and eats! Daddy & Co has yummy coffee, Vanille Bistro do the best cakes in Pakenham, (there’s no stress reliever like a great piece of cake) and Four Seasons does a great Eggs Benedict.

Does your loved one have dementia or Alzheimer’s and live in an aged care facility or nursing home in Pakenham, Officer, Koo Wee Rup or Nar Nar Goon? If so, be sure to jot down the names of these café’s so you’re prepared with an appropriate place to take them when the occasion arises. Keep your loved one out of isolation and stress, and enjoy a lovely afternoon at a dementia-friendly café. 

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