Is Assisted Living a Quality Choice for Seniors?

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Choosing to live assisted has several factors to consider but, it offers a lot of convenient resources and provides a different kind of care and support.

If you’re a senior who’s looking into assisted living or one who’s caring for an aged family member but needs help in providing specific service, this quick read is for you.

What Does It Mean "Assisted Living"?

Assisted living does not mean you would be in an intensive care unit. You still have choices and options as to what you would be helped with. This is perfect for seniors who can no longer live alone but are still able to do simple activities like walking, eating, and taking a bath

Quite different from your typical nursing home environment, residents in this kind of living have their own household amenities. The main idea is to provide residents with private homes but ensure that services are located nearby when needed. Unlike independent living which meant not having access to even medical or nursing care offers.

What does it mean assisted living | Aged Care Weekly

Benefits of Assisted Living

Living assisted brings a lot of benefits to residents:

For Whom Is Assisted Living

Residents in this living environment generally require custodial care. It does not necessarily mean a full dependency on the medical staff, just whatever the senior chooses.

You may find that people who choose this type of living than independent living are residents who:

These also include senior residents who do not want to be placed in nursing home facilities and who suffer from memory loss like dementia.

Different Levels of Aged Care in Assisted Living

When you are choosing where your preferred community would be located, you may want to consider the level of personal aged care and support provided, categorised into the following:

Different Levels of Aged Care in Assisted Living assisted living | Aged Care Weekly

Typical Expenses or Costs of Assisted living

Assisted living costs will depend on a lot of factors. For seniors who are new to this kind of lifestyle, know that assisted living costs are determined by:

Whichever aged care centre you choose, you may consider one located close to your home or family.

Know the available aged care facility you would most likely want to live in.

Consider a caring and supportive community to be a part of your golden years.

When Should You Move to Assisted Living?

It can be a difficult decision to make or even to plan if it’s time to transition into an aged care home for assisted living. Here are some questions to ask or talk through with your family, friend, doctor, or partner in order to determine which aged care services are right for you:

If you answered yes to most, if not all, to these questions, then it’s high time you should consider assisted aged care.

It can be difficult for someone who needs to choose if they would leave their loved one in an assisted living facility or aged care home. But if you’re the one caring and providing for a senior’s needs, part of your responsibility is to put their safety first and give them a healthier, safer quality of life.

If you want to know more about assisted living in Australia, it’s best to contact a professional team. Consult your doctor or an expert when you plan for residential aged care as they can help you determine which facility you choose, the location, services available, accommodation, and so on.

At Aged Care Weekly, we provide information to our senior readers to help them plan for their golden years. Browse through new blogs weekly. 


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