Aged Care Weekly (ACW) Complaint Handling Procedures

We at Aged Care Weekly enjoy an open and considerate relationship with our readers.

We love your feedback. We also want to know when something needs to change.

We’ll respond to your written complaint within three working days, and we try to resolve issues as soon as possible according to our complaints handling process.

Complaints Handling Process

Sending a Complaint

To submit a query or complaint about any content in Aged Care Weekly, email 

The issue will be reviewed by the Editor and relevant Aged Care Weekly content creators. 

The assessment will consider whether the issue conflicts with Aged Care Weekly’s Editorial Guidelines. If it does not conflict with the Guidelines, it may require further review. 

The Editor reserves the right not to consider complaints if they are

  • Lodged by someone who is not personally or directly affected by the issue
  • A matter of opinion


Where an issue conflicts with our Editorial Guidelines, the Editor will contact you to discuss several solutions. 

  • Correcting an error in content. Where an article has been corrected, a line beneath the article will acknowledge the correction and the date it was made. 
  • Removing content. Aged Care Weekly will only remove content if it is in serious breach of our Editorial Guidelines or the Australian Press Council press standards. 
  • Apology. In the case of serious breaches of our Guidelines, an apology will be published on Aged Care Weekly. The Editor will consult with affected persons on the wording and content of the apology.  


If an issue can’t be resolved by the above process, you can submit it to the Australian Press Council’s Press Complaints Commission for review at